Facebook Extends Domination In Social Networking Market

Figures disclosed by internet research company comScore shows that social networking website Facebook is more popular than ever, eclipsing the likes of Myspace and Bebo globally.

By some accounts, Facebook is growing at the breathtaking speed of one million users per day. In January 2009, Myspace attracted 124 million unique visitors while Facebook recorded 276 million uniques, a 123 percent difference.

What makes those figures even more dizzying is the fact that Facebook traffic actually grew by nearly 17 percent while Myspace unique visitors number shrunk by 2 percent over tha period.

Last year, both companies were competing neck to neck but Myspace has had a hard time catching up with a more proactive Facebook which has introduced an application platform and a host of other features.

Myspace is probably the most vulnerable of all social networking websites. It is currently surviving on an advertising partnership with Google that was signed in 2006, worth a cool $900 million, significantly more than the $580 million Rupert Murdoch paid for it.

Three of its top managers - including its Chief Operating Officer - have left the company and there are rumours that the co-founders of the once-mighty giant will follow soon. Myspace might still be dominant in the US but it is completely outplayed in other territories where Bebo and Facebook share the kudos.

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Our Comments

Myspace and Facebook are locked in a death match which will determine the fate of social networking websites. The problem though is that both are struggling to get any decent revenue streams and during a recession it is turning out to be an even harder task. According to Compete, Facebook and Myspace generate approximately 115 billion pageviews per month and with three adverts on each page on average, this equates to 345 billion ad impressions in between the two.

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