Pictures : Apple's MacBook Mini Netbook Leaked in Russia?

Proto-fake photos of Apple's soon to be announced netbook, coined the MacBook Mini, have been spotted on the Interweb and whoever photo shopped them deserves a medal for it (assuming they are fake ones). has scanned pictures of Russian tech magazine which did a full review of what appears to be Apple's next MacBook mini and the two page report shows that the MacBook Mini will cost $899.

Amongst the features that Apple's next laptop are expected to come with are a 10.4-inch WXGA LED screen that's capable of showing 1280x768 pixels, a maximum thickness of 19.4mm and a weight of 1.03Kg.

Other hardware specs are impressive as well, they include an Intel Atom Z740 CPU with 1MB L2 cache and clocked at 1.83GHz, 2GB DDR3 memory, a 64GB solid state drive coupled with Nvidia's Geforce 9400M integrated graphics. The device should be able to run HD movies without any issues.

The MacBook Mini will also come with a single USB port as well as a mini display output. Expect it to be compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth technology. There's also (apparently) a 5100mAH battery. gives a rating of 9.5 to it, presumably on a scale of 10 and the magazine did not mention whether the device would come with an embedded 3G modem (ed: using the only USB port for a fugly dongle would be sinful).

Below a comparison of the two Mac Book devices. The Fake-ish MacBook Mini on the left and the real MacBook Air on the right.

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Our Comments

If this is true, then this laptop is going to be a killer. However, we do have our doubts about it but if that's a fake, whoever did it though needs to be commended. They went to great length to make sure it is as believable as possible. Even down to mimicking the paper of the magazine and the actual layout of the article. Great April fool but probably a very elaborate fake.

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