Motorola Unveils Evoke QA4 : A Palm Pre Clone

Motorola has finally announced a decent competitor to the Apple iPhone in the form of an oval-shaped slider smartphone called the Evoke QA4.

The handset, which runs on a Symbian OS, comes with a large 2.8-inch touchscreen display capable of showing 240x400 pixels. Like the Palm Pre, it also has a slide out keyboard albeit an alpha numeric one and not a full QWERTY model.

The Evoke QA4 comes with a full virtual QWERTY keyboard onscreen, accessible by pivoting the smartphone on its side. At 128g, it is a relative lightweight and its 1170mAh battery will allow it to withstand heavy usage.

The QA4 comes with a novelty home screen menu which support widgets, allowing improved customisation. On top of that, the phone offers a real web browser that can interact natively with Google's Picasa service. It is a shame though that it only has a 2-megapixel camera which can already be classified as obsolete.

Other notable features include Bluetooth compatibility, assisted GPS, microSD card support up to 8GB, 256MB internal memory and inbuilt accelerometer (ed: would have been surprising if it hadn't had one)

Motorola said that it will be available for purchase in the second quarter of 2009 (which starts tomorrow) and has yet to say which network will carry it and at what price.

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Our Comments

The QA4 has a taste of "too little, too late". The Palm Pre is superior to it at least when it comes to specs and there's nothing spectacular about its features. Other smartphones offer better features for less. It won't be enough to save the ailing giant. The only interesting bit is to see whether Motorola will make Android or Windows Mobile run on it.

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