Wireless & Mobile 2009

Wireless & Mobile 2009 is set to be the most exciting edition of this event yet, once again earning its place as the UK's leading specialist wireless event. Hosting over 150 leading communications IT companies featuring companies such as BT, The Cloud, Tropos Networks and Mesh Hopper, the event will showcase to enterprise the latest wireless technologies available today and unveiling the networks of tomorrow.

Where does wireless end and mobile begin? The ubiquity of both networks makes this question central to this year’s event.

This free to attend event features over 50 seminars and a comprehensive showcase of over 500 products and services covering wireless LAN infrastructure, Mobile Devices emerging technologies such as WiMAX, new high speed protocols such as 802.11n and most importantly security and management solutions.

This event will allow you to select and experience the latest solutions as well as finding service providers to help you deploy the infrastructure to support your Enterprise Mobility objectives.

Wireless & Mobile Expo and Conference will focus on the following hot areas: Enterprise Wireless Networking, Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, WLAN, WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), Wireless Broadband, WiMax, VoIP, GPS (Global Positioning System), Mobile Computing, Wireless Security, Mobile Devices And more.

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