European Union Urged To Prepare Itself For Cyber Attacks

The European Commission has released a new draft strategy tailored to safeguard the region’s critical information infrastructure against disruptions and cyber attacks.

The proposed guidelines, which encompass disaster recovery methods for the EU member states, are intended to safeguard the communication networks from a range of incidences including terrorist attacks, natural disasters, hacking attempts, and hardware malfunctioning.

Viviane Reding, EU’s information commissioner, asserted the need of engaging citizens and public administration in upgrading the security of Europe’s information and communication infrastructure.

She further went on to say that as of now the security capabilities of EU member states vary considerably, which in turn making other states more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

In a bid to address this concern, the Commission is intending to enhance EU-wide cooperation so as to make the region “more prepared for and resistant to cyber-attacks and disruptions”.

The EC further asserted that it looked for a considerable involvement from citizens, businesses and public administrations to focus upon some of the key issues, including attentiveness and prevention, detection and response, moderation and data retrieval, as well as a comprehensive cooperation.

Recent spells of cyber attack on Estonia and Georgia inflicted notable interruption in the smooth functioning of government as well as business services, and further sparked concerns over the issue of keeping the information systems running in case any disaster hits.

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Our Comments

The recent Ghostnet attack on hundreds of computers worldwide shows how vulnerable networks can be to a targetted and well thought campaign. The European Commission takes the threat very seriously, let's hope that it is not too little too late. A concerted trans governmental approach is still the best way to tackle this looming menace.

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