Experts Warns About Nasty Conficker Worm Threat

In what could either be the start of a new spell of internet attacks, or the biggest Fool’s Day joke in the history of the internet, the nasty Conficker.c worm is said to start inflicting damages to the computer systems on April 1st all across the globe.

Whatever it may be, but the situation calls for attentiveness and prompt response from the internet users so as to stay away from the unfavourable consequences, and here is what you can do to handle it effectively.

First of all, web users are required to figure out whether their PCs have been infected with the malicious Conficker worm.

Conficker worm doesn’t cause any outright damage to the antivirus software; instead, it hampers the PCs from accessing websites of antivirus vendors and Microsoft, so as to keep the victims from getting the required tools and updates.

So, if you can surf the web quite normally except for the websites of Microsoft and security vendors, then your PC might have been infected with the nasty Conficker worm.

In order to deal with the situation well, make sure that you have updated all the crucial updates for Windows operating systems, and if you haven’t done this yet, click on to Microsoft site and install all critical updates as soon as possible.

In addition, some other useful measures include turning off the ‘Auto-Run’ feature which could allow an infected USB to cause damage to your PC, getting antivirus software and tools updated, and creating backup of data stored on the PC.

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Our Comments

Even if it is the 1st of April, the Conficker threat cannot be ignored. The activation date, which some had been saying could trigger massive network disruption, passed without any major hiccups for now. It looks as if the botnet remained dormant for now, probably waiting for command from the botnet masters to awake and cause chaos.

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