Long Term Evolution Revenues To Reach $70 Billion In 5 Years

The Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is poised to transform the mobile broadband domains with notable increase in broadband services for both businesses as well as consumers over the next five years, according to a recent report from Juniper Research.

The ongoing crunch in global economy won’t affect the LTE based mobile broadband technology adversely in longer terms, with the analyst firm estimated that the LTE technology will generate revenues worth a whopping $70 billion within the next five years.

The new LTE technology, which is all set to make its debut sometime in 2010, will offer impressive speeds of up to 100Mbps at the time of its commercial arrival.

In addition, the research report estimates that developed regions such as North America, Western Europe, and China will be among the major markets for the LTE technology, with all these regions will likely to account around 90 percent of the total market by the next five years.

The report further touted that the LTE technology “will bridge the gap between mobile and consumer electronics”, thereby creating a new connected era for a range of devices including digital cameras and game consoles.

Asserting on the benefits of LTE technology, the report’s author Howard Wilcox said, “LTE will offer broadband speeds of up to 100 Mb or more: this is at least five times faster than the best mobile broadband now and around 20 times faster than most people experience via fixed DSL”.

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Our Comments

LTE might well signal the swan song of fixed line communication as companies look to consolidate their telecommunication needs. There are already more mobile phones subscribers than landlines and in mature markets, it is likely to result in more calls being made from landlines than from mobile phones. The only reason why many stick to fixed lines is because of better broadband speeds, something that LTE could help catch up.

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