Sun Uses New Intel Xeon 5500 Processors To Push Solaris Further

It seems that in order to make the most out of the Intel’s newly released Xeon Series 5500 processors, Sun Microsystems has decided to extend the features of its Solaris operating systems.

The company has announced key information on its work to optimise the OpenSolaris and Solaris 10 to capitalise on the new workstation system processor from the Intel’s signature Nehalem EP range.

The company touted that the Solaris-based systems featuring the new powerful chipset from Intel will offer a bunch of benefits including the feature to access the Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect automatically, Turbo Boost, as well as Hyper-Threading technologies to enhance system’s performance to a great extent.

Incidentally, the upgraded Solaris Containers will integrate micro-architecture enhancements on the Intel’s Xeon 5500 processors to bring down the operating costs linked with the integrated virtualisation.

As of now, the Power Aware Dispatcher tool that comes integrated with Solaris incorporates Deep C-States from Intel to bring down the power consumption by the idle cores, and thereby enhances the system performance by optimising the consumption.

In addition, the two companies are also collaborating to employ the Intel’s new PowerTop technology into Solaris DTrace tracing framework.

Along with this, it can also assist in monitoring that how efficiently as system is using the Intel Turbo Boost and other such power management tools and applications.

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Our Comments

The new Xeon 5500 processor is a frightening beast, at least for the competition (that's AMD). Intel has finally chosen to embrace some of AMD's six-year old strategy, with devastating effect. The new Xeon 5500 betters the previous generation by a wide margin and could signal a very long period of dominance for the Santa-Clara based processor manufacturer.

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