Yahoo! Launches Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo has launched its Yahoo! mobile homepage in eight countries and across more than 300 mobile internet devices, phones and smartphones.

The personalised mobile portal page which was first unveiled to the public back in February, will be available via a mobile browser or as an iPhone application. As for Yahoo homepage, which remains one of the most popular webpages on the internet, Yahoo! mobile will federate search, news, social networks and email in one easy user interface.

Mobile users will also be able to customise what essentially will become their start page that's only 500 pixels wide with the added bonus that it supports geolocation by default. Yahoo has also added what Lifehacker calls some very intriguing relationships by bringing in Gmail, Facebook as well as Twitter updates.

Users will also be able to add Microsoft Live, AOL and Last FM services. Other localised versions are expected to be launched over the next few months.

The theory behind concatenating together those services is that the user will remain on the Yahoo page even if s/he uses other services. Unsurprisingly, the page will be sprinkled with display advertising and consumers will also be able to interact directly with rich media without leaving the page.

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Our Comments

Yahoo's new Mobile page is more "meh" than "wahoo". Most feedbacks have been slightly positive. Allaboutsymbian says that it is looks proper good on a Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic with its long elongated 3-inch screen. On my small Nokia 6220 candybar, it looks crammed. Yahoo is likely to be more attuned to Smartphone users' needs.

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