£233.80 Panasonic Lumix Tz6 Digital Camera - Black (10.1mp, 12x Optical Zoom) 2.7" LCD

The DMC-TZ6's 2.7-inch LCD has a total of 230,000 dots for high resolution. It features the Intelligent LCD function.

The Auto Power LCD function increases the backlight brightness in 11 steps according to the ambient light intensity.

At the highest of these 11 steps, the LCD backlight becomes approx. 1.4 times brighter than normal. This makes both shooting and viewing photos easier and more convenient.

Depending on the Panasonic Lumix model, iA mode uses up to six bundled technologies working perfectly together to provide the best possible shooting results every time.

Face Recognition registers your favourite friends and family members and will optimize the focus and exposure on your favourite persons.

You also have the ability to playback photos by person, and add date, name, age along with adding descriptions to your photos

AF Tracking then follows the selected subject throughout the frame, keeping them in focus – an excellent way to follow children, pets and other moving objects!

No more under or over exposed shots! Intelligent Exposure corrects the parts of the image that are too dark or too bright, so images come out as naturally as you see them.

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