£47.99 Toshiba 500GB USB 3.5" External Desktop Hard Drive

Toshiba's line of hard disk drives delivers the right product to meet the needs of the portable PC and non PC market.

Built with the performance and reliability characteristics that have made the company a world-renowned leader in the hard drive industry.

Toshiba's line of hard disk drives supports fast data transfer rates and seek times while delivering the right product for both PC and non PC markets.

With their stylish design, Toshiba USB 2.0 External HDDs are the perfect storage solution for your digital videos, photos and music files.

The 3.5 inch USB HDDs may be used in a horizontal, or vertical orientation on your desktop.

Product Features

External 3.5'' Hard Drive;

7200 rpm high-speed;

Horizontal or vertical placement;

Optimized for digital video, photos and music storage;

Fanless design for near-silent operation;

RoHS-compliant version.

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