Apple iPhone SDK Documents Ban Developers From Jailbreaking & Cracking

Taking a stiffer stance against developers who create apps for jailbroken iPhones, Apple has brought upon some key modifications in its “iPhone Developer Program Licence Greement” by explicitly prohibiting developers from jailbreaking or creating apps for jailbroken iPhones.

The licensing agreement, which includes the terms and conditions that the developers have to comply with, now forbids developers from jailbreaking, helping in jailbreaking, as well as creating and distributing apps to jailbreak, the Ars Technica reported.

The report further asserted that while the prior agreements banned the development of apps that assist in crimes, infringe privacy, or even infringe the intellectual property laws, the updated agreement prevents developers from jailbreaking their own handsets.

In addition, the agreement further spells out restrictions on assisting others in jailbreaking the iPhone, including those who are working on some crucial projects like QuickPwn or PwnageTool.

Along with this, the developers are also restricted from using SDK, iPhone, or other such tools to create apps for distribution from other platforms except for Apple App Store or Ad Hoc distribution.

Although, such provisions won’t stop the iPhone Dev Team from creating apps to jailbreak the iPhone OS 3.0, but this will surely discourage the legitimate developers from helping others to do so.

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Our Comments

Developers are like children sometimes. Prevent them from doing something and chances are that they will do it anyway. Apple will be facing the same problem as Microsoft when dealing with rogue developers and because the iPhone is still a very much a new platform, some developers could well choose to bypass Apple and look elsewhere for less restrictions.

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