Logica Awarded £75.6 Million National Police Database Contract

IT contracting firm Logica has won a £75.6 million contract to design and manage the new Police National Database (PND) over the next seven years; the new system will aim at improving information sharing among different forces in UK.

The PND will be established as a component of the Impact Programme, which was set-up as result of Bichard Inquiry recommendations on creating well-planned information sharing systems as a national priority.

The initial phase of the programme, which is expected to kick off sometime in next year, will include Logica gathering key information on five operational areas including crime, custody, intelligence, domestic abuse and child abuse, along with fusing all the information into a central database system.

Logica will be the main contractor firm taking charge of various tasks such as, application development, management as well as delivering services for the PND.

Other partners of Logica on this system will include SunGard Public Sector and Northgate Information Systems, whereas hosting and communication services for the whole system will be provided by Cable and Wireless.

“This will help to make the public safer by improving the ability of the Police Service to share operational information, helping the police to stay one step ahead of the criminals”, said Chief Constable Peter Neyroud, chief exec of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA).

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Our Comments

This huge project is supposed to allow the police force to coordinate their information system more efficiently. Let's pray that the system actually ends up delivery what has been promised, on time and under budget if possible. Lately, many public IT projects have turned up to be massive costly blunders that showed if needs be that taxpayers money is not always well spent in tech.

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