Microsoft Launches Windows Server 2008 Foundation Edition

As anticipated, Microsoft on Wednesday announced a new iteration of its Window Server operating system intended to small and medium-sized businesses having not more than 15 users.

The new version, dubbed as “Windows Server 2008 Foundation”, will be shipped pre-installed on hardware from various Microsoft OEM partners including Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Acer, which will operate within the Microsoft enforced restrictions of a single processor as well as 8GB RAM.

Touted as “akin to netbook at the server level” by Microsoft chief exec Steve Ballmer, the new offering seems all set to take on Linux adoption by the small and medium business enterprises.

The software giant recommends employing the new server edition for a range of tasks including hosting websites, maintaining databases, operating various line-of-business apps, remote access, juts to name a few of them.

Although OEMs will have their own pricing structure for the new Windows Server offering, but Chris Phillips, Windows Server Solutions’ general manager, expects that pricing structure will be well within a range of $1,000.

In a strategy update in February, Steve Ballmer described the server offering as, “From a revenue perspective, we are introducing a new low-cost, low-price, low-functionality Windows Server SKU”.

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Our Comments

Windows Server 2008 Foundation is an intriguing product. It does not feature on Microsoft's "compare features" table for now and the fact that it will only be available to OEM show that Microsoft is ready to cut down prices to fight the open source threat. The netbook reference in the article has to do with the fact that "Foundation" is fundamentally limited, albeit to a single processor (a loose reference as AMD is planning a 12-core CPU by next year) and 8GB.

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