Nokia Point & Find Beta Debuts Officially

Nokia has finally unleashed a beta iteration of its much-awaited Point and Find app, which enables users to fetch relevant facts and services over the web simply by capturing image of any real life object using their mobile phone camera.

The new technology, which is available in beta version for the devices featuring S60 platform, will initially be released in the UK and US only, with the company plans to release it in other regions in the upcoming months.

The services uses image recognition technology, coupled with the mobile web and GPS capabilities, to provide users with the related information on real life objects by pointing mobile phone’s camera on them.

Initially, the technology will have the feature to identify the movie posters, offering the required links to local showings and trailers, along with providing access to movie reviews and other related information, but the technology is quite flexible and is expected to incorporate a wider list of the objects in the near future.

Touting the ability of the new service in catering to the requirements of businesses, Philipp Schloter, general manager Nokia Point and Find, said in a statement, “With Nokia Point & Find, businesses are able to target engaging experiences and calls-to-action to consumers”.

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Our Comments

Nokia Labs is finally showing what it is capable of. There is some pretty smart image recognition going on between the scene and P&F opens the way for a flurry of possible applications including - but not limited to - price searching as well as face recognition. The only uncertainty hanging on it has to do with whether developers will pick it up quickly or not.

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