£13.89 Homeplug Network System (Pair) Capable Of 14mbps

It's the ultimate in home networking! Instead of trailing wires and cables across your house then finding you're a foot short anyway, why not use your home's own electrical wires for connectivity?

It's incredibly easy to use. Just plug one of the Ethernet adapters into an available electrical socket and connect to your computer's modem or router using an Ethernet cable. Then plug the other Ethernet adapter into a second socket, anywhere in the house, and connect to the device you want to share your broadband connection. It's that simple!

Home networking over your mains wiring!

With the Homeplug Ethernet Adapter, you're no longer tied to your telephone socket when you want to use the internet. Connect from your laptop anywhere in your home, or even in the garden using an extension cable. You can also use your Ethernet connection to share printers, scanners or other such devices.

If you have two PCs in the house, why not play a game over your new Ethernet connection? With a gamer on each machine, you can compete in any game that can be played over a LAN (local area network). Frag your buddy in the latest first-person shooter, or leave him eating your dust in your favourite racer.

100% secure encryption

Best of all, it's 100% secure. Information transferred between the two Ethernet adapters is encrypted as it travels across your household electrical wires, so there's no chance of anyone hacking into your internet account and using your bandwidth.

You can buy this Homeplug Network System for £13.89. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.