£299.99 40" HD Ready LCD TV

At last, you can watch high-definition movies, receive HDTV broadcasts and play the latest console games the way they were meant to be played without spending a fortune.

This 40" HD Ready LCD TV was great value for money when we sold it for £499, but now at this new reduced to clear price at an amazing £299.00, it's a steal!

HDTV boasts a pixel resolution that's four times that of an ordinary TV. For every pixel on a standard TV screen, a HDTV boasts four. That means pictures are sharper, clearer and more detailed.

The difference must be seen to be believed. And MAX TV's LCD HD Ready TV exceeds expectations. To qualify as a HDTV, a tellie must boast a minimum of 1280 X 720 pixel resolution. Ours offers 1366 x 768!

Another important factor when choosing a new tellie is the contrast ratio; the higher the ratio, the clearer the picture. The MAX TV HD Ready TV boasts a contrast ratio of 1000:1, for crystal clear images.

The screen quality is excellent too. Manufactured by Samsung, it's one of the latest 7th generation LCD screens.

You can buy this 40" HD Ready LCD TVfor £299.99. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.