£70.66 3 Huawei E160g Mobile Broadband 12months/12gb Prepay

A Mobile Broadband Starter Kit is the best way to get broadband on the move or even replace your home connection.

There's no need for a landline and no contract to sign, and with speeds of up to 2.8Mbps its perfect for surfing the internet and emailing at home or on your laptop out and about.

Each Starter Kit comes loaded with data, which means you can get started straight away theres no need to top up first, making it an ideal gift.

USB Stick Huawei E160G (white)

Auto-installs (except Macs installation drivers on website download)

Modem Supporting Windows 2000, XP, Vista & MAC OSX

Plug & play get online in minutes

Broadband speeds of up to 2.8Mbps

MicroSD memory card slot

12GB data allowance gets you

400 hours web surfing

+ 8,000 emails

+ 800 downloaded music tracks

+ 400 downloaded videos

which you can spread over 12 months

You can buy this 3 Huawei E160G for £70.66. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.