iPhone OS 3.0 Jailbroken By Russian Hacker

|A Russian hacker has managed to jailbreak the upcoming upgrade to iPhone operating system, codenamed as ‘iPhone OS 3.0’, before it has formally been launched.

The information related to the crack, developed by a Russian hacker named Vortex, for the iPhone 3.0 beta has been posted on the QuickPWN blog and it purports to let the handset to be opened up to unofficial iPhone software.

The website mentioned that the crack is an “unofficial release”, and it has nothing to do with the iPhone Dev team; besides, it appears that the crack may contain some bugs and users are notified to use the hack with caution.

“The Russian hacker Vortex has once again released an unofficial jailbreak at iPhoneApps.ru. I tried it on my iPod Touch with firmware 3.0 beta 2 and it works!”, the website claimed.

However, the iPhone 3.0 operating, which is into its second beta, has been available only to the paid members of Apple iPhone Developer Program. On the other hand, the iPhone Dev Team wasn’t backing the jailbreak, because the software is still in its beta as well as the software has some unresolved issues in it.

Quoting the same, the Dev Team wrote on their website, “It’s silly to play cat and mouse with Apple during a beta period, when relatively few people are willing to actually use the beta software in their everyday lives.”

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Our Comments

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that someone, somewhere managed to crack a piece of software. After all, apart from some seemingly unbreakable mathematical problems, all applications that were supposed to be 100 percent secure (like DRM solutions) have been completely thrashed by so-called hackers. Expect Apple to turn up with a rehauled, slightly more secure OS 3.0 fairly soon.

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