One Million Downloads For Skype iPhone Client In 48 hours

The Skype application for Apple's iPhone smartphone has been downloaded more than one million times in less than two days according to a post by Peter Parkes who manages Skype's blog.

That amounts to 6 downloads every second, which makes it one of the fastest-downloaded iPhone applications of all times. Unsurprisingly, Skype is currently number one in Apple's list of free iPhone application. In comparison, Firefox 3 had 8 million downloads worldwide in 24 hours back in June 2008 on all platforms.

This also means that Skype is now present on around 3 percent of the 30 million or so iPhones and iTouch devices which have been sold worldwide since launch.

However, Skype will work only on WiFi on most smartphones and T-Mobile has already banned Skype on its network (WiFi or 3G) and on the iPhone in Germany. O2's terms and conditions also forbids the use of Skype (or indeed any streaming content) on its network.

Rogers, which markets the iPhone in Canada, is also said to be considering a similar move. In all three cases, performance degradation rather than a significant hit to the bottom line is the reason why voice over IP and Skype are banned from mobile networks.

There are also claims that T-Mobile will be blocking anyone who runs the Skype application on their iphone while O2 has told the Times that it won't prevent its users from using the iPhone as long as they use WiFi only.

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Our Comments

One million application downloads in 48 hours is impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that most of those who got hold of the app probably though that they would be able to make calls via their 3G connections. In all honesty though, there seems to be some significant PR that Skype needs to do in order to educate its prospective customers.

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