A Third Of Brits Men Prefer Video Games To Sex

British men are so obsessive about video gaming that they can avoid having sex with their partners to play an engaging video game, a recent survey revealed.

The survey, commissioned by the website PS3 Price Compare and included 1,130 British males, revealed that around one third of the males would prefer to play video games rather than having sex with their other halves.

In addition to this, around 72 percent of the respondents further claimed that they would avoid having sex for a chance to try out their hands on a brand new game. British males who were ready to shun sex for gaming gave a number of reasons for this, right from their “partner being hard to please” to the view as having sex “not being as much fun” as computer gaming.

Along with this, around 41 percent of the respondents asserted that if given £50 to spend they would rather prefer to spend it to buy a new video game, while only 3 percent of them would pay their bills from it. Commenting upon these striking results, Mike Elsmore, developer of the website, said in a statement, “I, like many other men, am an avid gamer, but even I find these results startling”.

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Our Comments

Gaming is often a solitary experience especially if you are a non Nintendo Wii player and given the fact that more people are likely to be fickle, indulge in self-gratification and more likely to engage in virtual/online relationship. The survey overall depicts a rather sad picture of the British male.

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