University Launches Free iPhone Developer Courses

Stanford University will be publishing for free, a 10-week course that will guide the would-be developers on how to write applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

The Computers Science Department of the University will be broadcasting video podcasts from its 10-week course “iPhone Application Programming”, instructed by two Apple engineers, to Apple’s iTunes U educational channel.

Video podcasts of the lectures will be posted on the channel a couple of days after each class meeting with first such video will be made available sometime around this week; however, these lecture slides will also be available for downloading.

Commenting upon the move, Brent Izutsu, project manager for Stanford iTunes U program, said in a statement, “There's a lot of interest in the iPhone. This course provides an excellent opportunity for us to show the breadth and depth of our curriculum and the innovation of our students”.

Although the school notes provided through the broadcast will be similar to what enrolled students get, but following lectures through the iTunes U won’t help the individuals earning college credit.

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Our Comments

Great initiative from Stanford University which will not only attract lots of PR but also, hopefully, new students as well. Not surprisingly, the videos will be available on the iPhone and the iTouch. It is not known whether Apple has sponsored this programme and whether it will be the first of many such collaborations between the company and Stanford. Historically, Apple has shared very good relationships with educational bodies.

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