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Sky Shows First Live 3D UK TV Programme With Keane

Satellite media company Sky has broadcasted the very first 3D event ever in the history of live television, featuring popular indie British group Keane.

Using a special Hyundai 3D Television set and a bog-standard Sky+HD set top box, (some) Sky viewers were able to watch the programme without the need for any pesky bi-chromatic glasses.

The gig, which was recorded at the legendary Abbey road studios, was also streamed live over the internet in 3D (to be viewed using anaglyph - red and green glasses) and in a traditional 3D polarised version in a Vue movie theater.

Sky has been keen to get 3D technology into mainstream market as soon as possible to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition. It has already said that it is working with TV manufacturers, broadcasters, various studios and content owners towards this goal.

The 3D screen used is already on use in Japan where it costs less than $5000. The S465D, as it is known, is a 46-inch LCD monitor capable of displaying 1920x1080 pixels (full HD), with 2 HDMI and 3 composite inputs. It has an integrated 3D circular polarised filter which negates the use of special glasses.

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Our Comments

It is not by pure chance that Sky wants to get 3D live within the next 3 years. The Olympics will be the first grand event that will expose the real possibilities of 3D. Sky is Britain's largest sports broadcaster and should it manage to get 3D in the lounges of its customers, it will have accomplished a real "coup de force".

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