British Boffins Create Quasi-Sentient Robot Scientist

A team of scientists at the Aberystwyth and Cambridge universities have created a machine gifted with artificial intelligence which has been able to create knowledge by its own, without human help or intervention.

Adam managed to complete the traditional process through which scientific knowledge has evolved. The machine laid out a theory about yeast enzymes, predicted a series of outcomes based on the theory, build a series of experiments to test the theory and ran them using lab robotics, doing the steps autonomously.

After getting the results, Adam interpreted it and, online ezine added, provided with far more details than any human scientists would have achieved. Human scientists were able to verify independently Adam's conclusions which proved to be right.

In a statement issued by Professor Ross King, who headed the team of researchers, the goal of this project is to have teams of human and robot scientists working together in laboratories.

The scientists have already been working on a second version of the machine which will be named Eve and, which they hope, will be more efficient than Adam. Let's just hope that Eve doesn't lay out a theory about a world without humans.

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Our Comments

It is too early to call in Arnold and his terminator skills. However, it is very likely that fully sentient, humanoid robots (ed: will they still be robots then?) will be walking the Earth in the next 50 years with artificial intelligence surpassing human capabilities within the next 25 or so years. Which means that we should all be here to see this.

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