AMD 7850 Overclocking

Unfortunately with the 4770 and AMD's new 7850 Athlon launching at the same time we ran out of time to fully review the 7850 and our dual core benchmarks are a little older.

You can check out our 7750 review though which should be somewhat close considering the 7850 is just a 100MHz bump up from the 7750. AMD also said overclocking should be good with ACC enabled so we gave that a quick spin.

If you don't know the 7850 is based off the Kuma core which is based off the first Phenom's architecture which means it is 65nm and has higher power consumption and not quite the performance that the Phenom II offers.

Unfortunately we topped out at 3.3GHz which is exactly where we did with the 7750.

This time, however, it was at a much lower voltage but any higher voltage caused it to crash. That said, we did have some motherboard issues so that might be the problem.

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