BBC Debuts Live TV On Mobile handsets

In a bid to lure telly addicts, BBC has further included mobile phones into the list of devices that can stream live television and radio services.

The corporation has unleashed the beta version of its 24-hour live TV service, dubbed as “Live TV”, and initially the service seems to be available on a limited range of the handsets, including Nokia N96 and Nokia 5800.

Users would need to use the Wi-Fi connectivity in order to access the content, as the service doesn’t support 3G networks, and the pictures will be broadcasted at 176 x 144 pixels.

However, the BBC has also notified that users will be required to pay around £142.50 for a TV licence in order to access the new service, which would initially be available to UK users only.

As of now, content from almost all the prominent channels, including BBC News, BBC Parliament, CBeebies, BBC One to Four, and CBBC, is available with the new service. In addition, the corporation’s radio channels are also there in the offerings of the new service.

The new streaming service is actually a part of the much broader revamp of the BBC Mobile website, which has recently received a new customisable homepage that lets users a range of options such as WAP version of the website, the option for more graphics and images, and full desktop version of the website.

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Our Comments

BBC's launch of a new TV service will certainly cause some of its competitors to frown. The service will only allow stamp-sized videos to be transmitted just like the good of days of "Video for Windows" (ed: remember those). But things would change dramatically as soon as the service adopts 3G and mobile phone providers relax their attitude to real time streamed content.

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