Dell Presents iPod-esque Inspiron 545, 545s and 546 Desktop PCs

US PC manufacturer Dell has announced three new ranges of consumer-oriented Inspiron desktop PCs which will be available in eight different colours.

This happens to be the same number of colours that Apple's iPod Nano is available in. The new Inspiron 545, 545s (for slim) and 546 will have a starting price of £279 and have yet to make their way to the UK version of the website although you will find an updated BIOS for the 545.

The 545 and 546 will be able to pack up to 8GB RAM and 1TB worth of storage with up to 6 USB ports, optional HDMI and Blu-Ray drive. The 545s can ramp up to 750GB and should in theory have the same spec as the 545 - albeit in a small form factor.

Interestingly, Dell will offer six types of processors: Intel Celeron, Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core 2 Quad options or AMD Sempron, Athlon X2 and Phenom X4 processor options. No Phenom X3 or Intel i7 though. You will be offered a choice between ATI dedicated video cards and Intel integrated video modules.

And Surprise, surprise, Dell chose to launch the models in ... China first rather than in Europe. They will be available for £279 including VAT and delivery - similar to current prices.

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Our Comments

Will there ever be a manufacturer bold enough to introduce a beige case? We would like to see that. The bewildering amount of colours now available makes us, old timers, yearn for the time when beige was as cool as black.

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