Openreach Contractors Damage Broadband Phone Lines

Thousands of broadband users in East London suffered an internet blackout, after contractors damaged underground BT telecom cables over the weekend.

BT Openreach, BT’s division that oversees the communication networks across UK, notified that a third-party contractor did some serious damages to a service tunnel, which is said to be situated near the Blackwall Tunnel.

Openreach further asserted that the damage has affected thousands of end users in East London; however, some reports claimed that the impact of such damages could be more widespread.

Although around 70 percent of the services have already been resumed, but the firm doesn’t exactly have any idea about when the rest of the services would be up and running again, a BT spokesperson added.

BT further went on to say that the affected customers may be required to wait for many days to get their broadband services resumed.

Along the same line, BT quoted in its status update that “Due to the nature of the damage, which happened 32 metres below street level, and the restricted access to the site, it is not possible at this stage to provide an exact time frame as to when service will be restored to all customers”.

However, the repair work is in progress and the firm expects to get it fixed by the end of the day, but it’s making “no promises” for this.

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Our Comments

Maybe it would be a good idea to have routers that come with built in technology that switch to a wireless network that allow users to avoid being cut off completely during a significant disruption. That is the least that fixed-line ISPs can offer to business clients for example. Broadband dongles start from only £20 and could be deployed on a PAYG basis to customers.

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