T-Mobile Working On Home-based Android Devices

T-Mobile is apparently going to extend Google's Android platform well beyond the mobile market with home phone, a tablet and a table computer apparently in the pipeline for mid 2010.

The New York Times claims to have seen confidential papers, obtained from one of the company's partners, that show T-Mobile's plans to experiment with a whole family of consumer devices which could possibly rival Apple's products.

The home phone will apparently "plug into a docking station and come with another device that handles data synchronization as it recharges the phone's battery". This sounds like our £99 iPhone Wireless HDMI base unit except ours is completely wireless without any plugging.

The other device being considered is a 7-inch touchscreen laptop with a virtual keyboard that will almost certainly look like a giant iPod touch. This is again something that we have explored back in January 2009 when rumours about Apple pondering over a supersized iPod touch surfaced.

T-Mobile has never launched any consumer based product before - the nearest thing that came up would be a USB modem - and we don't know whether the rumours were actually part of a proposal that one of T-Mobile's partners planned to submit, a proposal that was subsequently leaked.

But a spokesperson for T-Mobile did confirm to the New York Times that the company would be launching devices based on Google Android platforms (ed: could be netbooks as well).

T-Mobile's rival, O2, had unveiled a similar product called Joggler in March 2009 which was a digital photo frame that doubled as an electronic post-it.

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Our Comments

If these rumours are true, then T-Mobile is embarking on a brand new, bold strategy that will put it right in the path of Apple and other consumer electronics company. Launching a home phone for a mobile company like T-Mobile will be an irony though and a very unlikely prospect given that the company doesn't offer landline services (Orange and Vodafone do).

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