Twitter falls under the weight of Gravity

Widgets and web based Twitter clients for Symbian’s S60 platform have been used for a while. Whilst they ‘do a job’ they do have little of the power of a native application, until now.

I’m a great fan of who have just released their Twitter client called Gravity to general acclaim. At only Euro 7.81 it provides multi tasking Symbian handsets with access to multiple Twitter accounts, DM’s, Twitter search, URL’s and Twitpics.

In other words a pretty much full Twitter client that, on the Nokia 5800, beats the comparable ones for the iPhone.

Ole, the developer, has also spent some time in getting the look and feel just right with smooth scrolling and easily navigated tabbed areas for friends, favourites, followers and timeline.

So with Symbian’s handy multi tasking (Apple take note) the Twitterarti and their followers can swap stories and pictures as easily as sending a text, and far simpler than MMS.