Twitter In Talks With Many Other Tech Companies

Google's rumours of an imminent acquisition of micro-blogging website Twitter has sparked a flood of responses not only in the blogosphere but also in the mailboxes of Twitter's top execs.

Biz Stone, one of the co-fouders of Twitter, said that on the company's blog, that he had received a number of requests for a response to the speculations that Twitter might decide to go along with a much bigger partner.

Although, he added, that it should not come as a surprise that Twitter has a number of lines of communications opened with some of the biggest technology companies around - including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and News Corpation.

Kara Swisher, the tech oracle from Boom Town's All Things Digital, stresses that "Google needs Twitter in its orbit" and the company is also known to be very flexible when it comes to dealing with potential competitors and rivals.

Google did not hesitate to buy a 5 percent stake in AOL back in 2006 for $1 billion and managed to partner with social networking website Myspace in a deal worth hundreds of millions of Dollars.

Twitter however is not interested in selling it seems at the moment, at any price. Instead - and this seems to be the most likely outcome - Google will look into acquiring a minority stake in the company which will allow it to forge a strategic partnership with it without taking too much risk and exposing too much capital.

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Our Comments

Google and Twitter are definitely working together or at least talking. Webware mentions that Twitter is not looking at the same kind of challenges that Youtube faced when it was acquired by Google - legal challenges and bandwidth costs. But Youtube was much bigger than Twitter at the same time and presented a much more straight forward solution to Google's desire to get a video platform. Twitter might be ahead of the game when it comes to real time search but its propositions is less clear.

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