£587.19 Acer Aspire 6930 Gemstone Blue 16in Laptop

The Aspire 6930G features the Gemstone design and a stunning 16' Acer CineCrystal wide screen display which makes movies and images comes to life.

Powerful enough to handle multiple tasks with ease, this notebook can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The sleek Aspire 6930 exudes the same stunning and distinctive feel of the Gemstone Blue design as its predecessors.

Bundled with today's most advanced processor technology and compelling NVIDIA GeForce graphics solution, this 16" notebook performs "as good as it looks", smoothly delivering the most intensive multimedia applications.

What's more, you'll appreciate the convenience and advanced security of the Acer Bio-Protection fingerprint solution. Go ahead: indulge!

Beaming with notebook cinema excellence, the 16" Aspire 6930G enhances high-def digital life with truly immersive audio and captivating video.

The 16:9 Acer CineCrystal Full HD display with 1366x768 pixel resolution, and Acer CineSurround audio with optimized 2nd Generation Dolby Home Theater technology deliver high-def audio and visual delights beyond your wildest expectations -- full HD movies, creative applications and games never looked and sounded so good!

Adding to the heightened sensory experience is the smooth-to-the-touch CineDash media console, an exciting, CE-like interface for launching and managing entertainment.

This laptop comes with a Core 2 Dop T5800 CPU running at 1.8GHz, 3GB RAM, a 16-inch monitor, a 250GB hard disk drive, a Bluray reader, a Geforce 9300GS graphics card with 256MB memory, a HDMI port, Windows Vista Premium, a webcam, a card reader and much more.

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