AMD Athlon X2 7850 BE

In May AMD celebrates their 40th anniversary, and in June the Athlon celebrates its 10 year anniversary, so in commemeration of both of these milestones AMD has decided to release a even higher clocked Ahtlon X2.

This new release also helps AMD's offence against Intel's Core 2 platform.

AMD has mounted a counter attack against Intel's older Core 2 platform with their Phenom II series. So far AMD has been gaining a lot of ground after suffereing a let down in performance with the first Phenom.

AMD first mounted their offence with the AM2+ X4 920 and 940. AMD has just started to release the new AM3 socket equilants of the 920 and 940. It would almost seem like AMD has forgotten about the lower end market, but not anymore.

Today we have the AMD Athlon X2 7850 BE, the big brother to the X2 7750. With an unlocked multiplier, and 64nm technology AMD plans on going head to head with the older Core 2 dual cores, as well as replaceing the older high end X2's.

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