Apple Releases New XServes With Intel Nehalem Xeon CPUs

Apple has announced the release of a new generation of XServe servers which comes with Intel's newest Xeon processor based on the award winning Nehalem Core.

The single processor version of the server starts at £2339 in the UK and $2999 in the United States while the 8-core, dual socket model costs £2879 or $3599 across the pond.

Both Xserve are rack mounted models - as it is usuallly the case - and comes with one or two 2.26GHz Quad Core Xeon (supporting up to 2.93GHz models), 3GB RAM, a 160GB SATA hard disk drive (Up to 3TB can be stored in a 1U package) and Mac OSX Server 10.5 Unlimited Client Edition.

Users will be able to add a 128GB SSD (for an additional $500/£375) to the Xserve without having to take up a drive bay which will not only provide the system administrator with much faster random access seek time but also consumes way less power than traditional spinning hard drives.

Apple has also touted the energy efficiency credentials of the new Xserve, saying that the high efficiency power supply ensures that the new system delivers nearly 90 percent better performance per watt than the older Xserve.

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Our Comments

A genuinely interesting comparison can be done using the Mac Pro which comes with roughly the same specs except that it costs way less. Granted the cheaper Mac Pro doesn't come with Mac OS X Server 10.5 but it is nearly £500 cheaper, has a more powerful CPU, 4x more storage space and a few more bits and bobs.

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