RIM Blackberry Storm 2 To Come With WiFi In September

Research in Motion could be preparing an improved version of its popular Blackberry Storm smartphone for September 2009 according to various news reports.

The most important addition to its feature list is expected to be WiFi which Storm users sorely missed. RIM is also expected to solve the issues associated with the smartphone's buggy and slow platform as well as the painful touchscreen.

WiFi was reportedly pulled out by mobile network providers so that HSDPA data transfer could be pushed towards customers with the promise of more freedom for the customers and more revenues for the networks.

In addition, Boy Genius Report reckons that a new type of screen will make typing "more pleasurable" and will improve on screen interaction "enormously". BGR also expects a 5-megapixel camera to come onboard.

The Storm, which was launched back in November 2008, was the first full touchscreen device from RIM and has been a rather popular smartphone till now. It is currently an exclusive on Vodafone in the UK and is available on price plans from £30.

The new Storm 2 will also come with a fully functional and mature App World when it is released. But it is also likely to face a resurgent Windows Mobile competition, the iPhone 3, numerous Android based Smartphones and Palm's updated Pre.

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Our Comments

More than one million Storms have been sold in the US according to Verizon which was the official carrier of the smartphone, which is pretty impressive given that it is the first such model released by Blackberry. It will be interesting to see whether Blackberry, which seldom relies on one model for success, will launch a Storm Pro or a Storm Lite version.

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