Salesforce Releases Free Mobile CRM Client App, a company widely known for its customer relationship management (CRM) suite, on Tuesday unleashed a new mobile iteration of its customer management services that will be available to users for free.

The new version, codenamed as “Mobile Lite”, would enable users to access the updated information, log in customer requests as well as leads, search solutions, access dashboards and much more using high end mobile phones including iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile-powered handsets.

Mobile Lite will further let the customers, especially corporate sales persons, to access their organisation accounts and other data and update them in real-time while on the move.

Salesforce customers who either have Salesforce CRM Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition or Unlimited Edition, would have access to the new mobile version of the service.

While customers having Professional or Enterprise Editions will be required to pay an additional $50 per month in order to access the full mobile iteration, which has some added functionality, of Salesforce CRM, customers with Unlimited Editions can use the mobile version for free.

Commenting upon how the move could prove to be handy for businesses, Chuck Dietrich, VP for mobile, said in a statement, “We look at mobile as another way to increase customer success and the proliferation and usage of our application”.

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Our Comments

Salesforce, like other web-based companies, is feeling the pinch and it is not a surprise that it has decided to forego any fee for customers on its unlimited edition. A mobile CRM client does actually makes sense given the fact that smartphones are expected to be the fastest rising segment in the mobile phone market for the next few years.

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