Sony Ericsson To Debut Entry Level W205 Walkman Phone

Phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has chosen to introduce a Walkman phone that will cater for the entry level segment of the market; expect the W205 therefore to come with little more than the bare necessities.

It has a 1.3-megapixel camera - when 3.2-megapixel is already mainstream, integrates an FM radio, TrackID for easy song identification and Bluetooth connectivity which allows tracks to be swapped between mobile phones.

The phone also allow users to manage several phone books, which comes handy when you have many groups (friends, work, family). No word on pricing or exact release date although a Q3 launch shouldn't be discounted.

As for other Walkman phones, the W205 comes with a pair of in-ear headphones and what appears to be a 1.8-inch colour screen capable of displaying 128x160 pixels.

Other features include 5MB onboard storage (yes 5MB!!) with the ability to shove in a 2GB M2 (Memory Stick Micro) memory card, all in a nice 96g enclosure.

It is now known whether the phone will support anything higher than that; 16GB M2 cards are available for less than £60 and would provide the Walkman phone with much needed storage capacity.

Sony Ericsson has also managed to cram in an Opera browser which is a shame because the phone doesn't have 3G capabilities.

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Our Comments

The phone is not a bad looking one and it will all boil down to the price tag. One can expect the W205 to be available mostly on PAYG. Sony Ericsson's cheapest Walkman phone at the moment is the W350i which can be purchased for £50 plus £10 top up. It comes with 2GB out of the box and has pretty much the same features as the W205.

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