Spotify Targets Gaming and Consumer Electronics Segments With New API

Renowned music streaming service Spotify seems all set to come up with a new application programming interface (API) that will enable users to port Spotify on to a variety of devices, including mobile handsets, consoles, as well as televisions.

In an interview with The Guardian, Daniel Ek, co-founder of Spotify, notified that the move will allow developers to create apps for an array of communication and entertainment devices.

Quoting the significance of the move, Ek said in a statement, “If somebody wants to build it into media centre PCs, or if a company wants to integrate Spotify into TV screens, they can”.

He further went on to say that there are many companies working on developing some cool stuff using the new API, but refused to provide any information related to it at all.

The Spotify co-founder also talked about how this move could help spreading the free music streaming service by saying, “This takes a lot of workload off our backs, and we don’t know every way that people want to use the service.”

As many as 40,000 new users are registering with the service every day, and even during the recent security breach, only 40 accounts, most of them belonging to Spotify staff, were found to be compromised, Ek added.

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Our Comments

Spotify could have done much worse. The Swedish startup is raking up the coverage and the kudos, even after the much-publicised "hack" that happened to it. It is imperative that it finds a more lucrative path to revenue generation as it can't possibly continue being a freemium advocate for long. At £9.99 per month, its paid-for version is still more expensive than many other music services (Nokia's Comes With Music for e.g.).

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