Comment : Could Twitter Be Ruined By Spam?

Twitter has quickly become a pivotal part of my day-to-day life. I’ve won business using Twitter, I’ve recruited staff through Twitter, I’ve had restaurants and bars recommended to me via Twitter and I’ve learned some very useful facts and figures.

I’ve also made a new kind of friend. But... as ever, spammers and so-called marketing expert sites are targeting Twitter with all kinds of hare-brained schemes about building your base of followers.

And with sales pitches like: “The Completely Automated Twitter Growth & Money Making System for People That Want to Set Up A System ONCE, Forget About It, and Have it Grow and Make Money EVERY Day!" how can you not be tempted to find out more!?

But stop, I’ve started to make a new kind of friend and I’m quite enjoying this new community of hand-picked colleagues whom I have chosen to follow and (hopefully) have chosen to follow me.

Last night I started to look into a whole bunch of these so-called Twitter Growth programmes, some of which seem to be very clever and some and others are using variations of the classic pyramid marketing scheme to help participants build traffic.

I looked but most certainly did not touch them. In fact what I saw worried me immensely, I don’t want to divorce Twitter just yet, we only just got married! Then today, co-incidentally, I had an inordinate number of new followers, so either I’m super popular (I don’t think so!) or these spam engines are really starting to rock and roll....

This whole approach seems to be totally against my own Twitter rule book (in the fast moving world of the wacky world wide web, we have to make our own rules right!?).

I looked up “Twitter Anti-Spam” on Google and clearly there are 1000’s of people with the same concerns I have and there are many campaigns to stop this spamming.

It also seems that Twitter have apparently, but unsuccessfully tried to defend themselves from these practices. So, my concern is this - Am I going to catch somebody else sleeping with my Twitter wife, so I have no choice other than to break up with her?? Is it count-down to Bin day to “Twitter is Litter”?

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