Forget The Nintendo DSi : Could Sony's Next PSP 2 Console Be The Real Thing?

Japanese Firm Sony could release a new compact portable gaming console that will not only rival Nintendo's newly launched DSi but also Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone

According to Pocketgamer who spoke to a hardware developer working on the project, the new beast will come with dual analogue sticks and a sliding touchscreen (yes touchscreen).

Astonishingly, Sony has apparently decided that games will only be available for download via the PlayStation store, although like the DSi, a removable memory storage is surely on the specs list, as the UMD slot is apparently out.

Sony Ericsson, rather than Sony Corporation, has been the one pursuing the dreams of producing a rival to Apple's successful handheld devices. But it looks as if the roaring popularity of Nintendo and Apple's gaming solutions accelerated the development of the successor to the PSP3000.

The hardware details, pricing and launch date - rumoured to be well before Christmas - are expected to be revealed at E3 in June and will leave Microsoft as the only gaming giant without a proper portable platform (ed: Xbox Zune anyone?)

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Our Comments

The details released by Pocketgamer are still within the realms of what we would consider as rumours, and while they are interesting, they cannot hide the fact that the PSP 2 would be ill-equipped to fight the iPod Touch, let alone the iPhone. It is still too wieldy, is too game-centric and has a worse battery life compared to the other portable media players.

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