Google Promotes Local Search Results By Default

Google on Monday further moved a step ahead in internet search domain, after the search giant announced that it had completed the rollout of an update to its renowned search engine that will provide local search results to searchers even if they don’t enter their location.

The new move would see showing users with the local search results on map, and thereby would help them in finding a range of places including hospitals, restaurants, stores, banks, etc.

Commenting upon the significance of the new move in finding out the desired locations, Jim Muller and Jenn Taylor, Google’s software engineers, wrote in a post, “We try to make our guesses as good as they can be so that whether you're shopping for groceries, sporting goods or flowers, or looking for your bank, your gym or the post office”.

The duo further pointed out in their post that the search engine will actually match the users’ IP address to some general location, on the basis of which it will present the local search results to them.

However, the search results will also include a ‘Change Location’ link on the top-right corner of the search page and searchers can click on to the link to specify a particular location in their search queries.

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Our Comments

Google is adding a pinch of geo-localisation in its results capabilities which is a hit and miss and will make life more miserable for a number of search engine optimisation experts. This paradigm shift shows that Google is slowly focusing more on mobile search which explains the "local search" emphasis. Ironically, it also brings back the importance of location into the search equation, something that the Google tried to eradicate by making companies and entities worldwide as important regardless of their geographical location.

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