HP Pavilion dv2 AMD-based Laptop Debuts In The UK At £499

HP has launched its much lauded Pavilion DV2 laptop which was launched back in January 2009 at CES and features AMD's new Athlon Neo Processor.

The DV2 sits somewhere between netbooks and traditional laptops with a diminutive chassis and some characteristics that justify its rather steep price - £499 for the base unit.

The laptop comes with a 12.1-inch LED backlit screen capable of displaying 1280x800 pixels, making it a HD Ready device. It is powered by an AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 CPU, a 64-bit capable CPU running at 1.6GHz with 512KB L2 cache.

The entry level model comes with 1GB RAM, 160GB hard disk and Windows Home Basic. Doubling the RAM and the Hard disk capacity add another £100 to the price; the 4GB version with 500GB hard disk drive costs £699 and both come with Windows Vista Premium.

HP's new "not-book" is just 33mm at its thickest and weighs a mere 1.7Kg pitting it squarely against the likes of Dell's Adamo and Acer's newly announced Timeline.

Closer inspection of the computer reveals that it has a keyboard that's 92 percent the size of a normal one, it comes with three USB ports, a DVI and HDMI slot as well as a card reader.

HP quotes a battery life of 5 hours for the DV2 and it even comes with an external DVD writer which can be substituted with a BluRay DVD writer. The onboard ATI X1250 graphics module should be just enough to provide with a smooth video playback.

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Our Comments

Many will mistakenly assume that this is a netbook on steroids which it clearly aint. HP has the exclusivity on the Neo until mid June and it is likely that other manufacturers will follow HP's example and release AMD-based "not-books". The Neo platform which is essentially a reworked AMD Athlon processor is powerful enough to counter the Atom processor but it might be too little too late for AMD.

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