Microsoft Holds Up Release Of Stirling Security Suite

Microsoft has announced that it will be delaying the launch of the next iteration of its Forefront security product suite, codenamed as ‘Stirling’, which is currently under development and was expected to make its debut in the first half of this year.

The launch of the security suite has been delayed by as long as a year, with some of its components, such as Forefront Client Security 2.0 and unified management console, are expected to arrive in first half of the next year.

“We have been working closely with customers in our Technology Adoption Program to gather their feedback about how we can deliver the best experience and value with 'Stirling'”, the company notified in a blog post.

Microsoft quoted addition of the interoperability with that of the third-party security solutions as one of the main reasons behind pushing back the launch of the next version of its security suite.

The software giant further asserted that such delay was essential in the context of driving compatibility, as well as enhancing new features for the arrival of Dynamic Signature Service and Security Assessment Sharing.

The new security suite is said to a combination of security tools designed for - network protection, unified management console, endpoint protection, SharePoint protection, and Exchange Server security.

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Our Comments

Microsoft is right to delay an application which it feels is not ready for the big day. Unlike previous Microsoft security products, Stirling is likely to be targeting corporate and professional customers, which means that the application will have only one chance to make a good first impression. Microsoft did not say for how long the delay was but given that the company is focusing on other crucial launches, it is likely that Stirling will come at earliest in 2010.

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