Microsoft Offers Downgrade Options For Windows 7 To XP

In a move that could further diminish the relative importance of Windows Vista operating system, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 customers will have the choice to downgrade not only to Vista but also to its still widely popular operating system XP.

The software giant asserted that PC makers will offer customers who purchase PCs pre-installed with Windows 7 the option to continue with the Windows XP via downgrade rights.

Along the same line, a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement, “Microsoft will be offering an n-2 downgrade option with Windows 7 to help customers plan their migrations from XP. An XP downgrade from Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate will be available until six months after General Availability”.

The declaration was followed by an AppleInsider report that surfaced over the weekend saying HP would offer its Windows 7 customers the option to downgrade to Windows XP, in spite of the fact that the mainstream support for the operating system is to expire next week.

The report further went on to say that HP and Microsoft had tied up downgrade options from October 2009 and 30 April 2010; however, the software giant has refused to comment on exact dates, perhaps to avoid letting slipped information about when the Windows 7 would make its appearance.

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Our Comments

Windows XP is still, by some distance, the most popular operating system in the world, far ahead of Windows Vista or Linux. Windows 7 will hopefully change all this given the fact that Windows XP is a decade-old platform that's suitable for older computer but not for bleeding edge technology. It is a win-win situation for Microsoft as it is covering all bases.

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