Phorm CEO Mulling Plans To Pay Customers To Use Service

Internet users could be offered broadband connection at a reduced price or a donation made in their names if they choose to use Phorm.

According to the Telegraph, Phorm's CEO Kent Ertugrul is evaluation those options and others in a bid to improve the company's services and image among the general public.

Phorm's Webwise service, according to the company, is completely anonymous as it doesn't store user's data and will enable publishers and ISPs to make more money by showing targeted ads.

Users will be able to see fewer and more relevant advertising which would ultimately mean a much smoother surfing experience. No start dates have been announced although a 2009/2010 timescale is widely tipped to be on the table.

A number of internet service providers including some of the country's largest, have already expressed their interests in adopting Phorm's controversial behavioural targettting solution which could bring in millions in advertising revenues annually.

It could also increase the already-massive division between the smaller internet service providers and the big ones as the latter manage to reduce their prices through Phorm.

In the medium term, this could mean that the overwhelming number of ISPs in the country switch to Phorm and those who don't either offer services at a higher price or close down.

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Our Comments

The discount, if it ever happens, will be quite small compared to the cost of the broadband connections. Talktalk for example offers Broadband for as little as £10 and O2 offers an 8Mbps connection for £7.50 for existing customers. A £1 discount would barely make a dent and would be a very, very cheap price to pay for one's surfing habits.

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