Google App Engine Now Comes With Full Java Support

Celebrating the first birthday of its App Engine cloud service, Google on Tuesday announced that it has added Java as one of the supported languages for the App Engine platform.

The App Engine service, which allows developers to create and host a variety applications on Google’s infrastructure, now start supporting different Java standards, including Java Data Objects, Java Servlet API, Java Persistence API, javax.mail, as well as javax.cache.

The search engine behemoth made this announcement during its Google Campfire One event, organised on 7 April at the Google headquarters in California, to mark the first birthday of its App Engine cloud service.

Google decided to celebrate the occasion by offering something great to the developers, and quoting the same Google said, “We wanted to give developers something that they could be ecstatic about, but we knew we would have to marry the simplicity of Google App Engine with the power and flexibility of the Java platform”.

Initially, the App engine was released with Python support only, and developers urged the company to extend the application’s support for Java languages.

However, Google further notified that the runtime of the service has been provided with a secure sandbox for applications, which may create problems with some Java codes.

Henceforth, the search engine giant is offering first 10,000 developers access to the extended Java support, in order to get the feedback over sandbox and other compatibility issues.

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Our Comments

Java compatibility is crucial to increase the popularity of Google App Engine and could push GAE into mainstream finally. The platform, which Google is pushing as a web building and hosting environment, was released one year ago and aims at competing with the likes of Amazon's Web services and Microsoft's Azure Services platform.

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