Highways Agency Uses Mobile Service To Monitor Easter Holiday Traffic

The Highways Agency seems all geared up to handle the heavy traffic and greater loads this Easter, with the authority coming up with a new service to provide handy traffic updates from its website to mobile handsets and other such portable devices.

In addition to this, the agency has further upgraded its website to meet the increased demands of its services during the Easter break. The agency claimed that these services, coupled with improvements in the website, would help people to plan their journeys in a much better way.

The new service would present users with all the required information in a rather simple text format tailored for small screen devices and said to deliver the content at faster download speeds.

Denise Plumpton, director for information at the Highways Agency, asserted that though the agency keeps on urging people to not to use mobile phones while driving, it also gives them a chance to take short breaks during their course of journey and check out for traffic updates on their mobiles.

Citing the same, Plumpton said in a statement, “This is the latest addition to a suite of service to provide road users with the information they need to make informed choices about their journey”.

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Our Comments

The Easter holiday break is one of the busiest days for the Highways Agency and one thing that road users will not be forgetting is their mobile phones. The danger is of course that users will use their mobile phones while driving which is not something the authorities would approve of.

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