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Virgin Media To Offer Free Goodies With Broadband Package

Virgin Media has unveiled a number of bonus services called "V Stuff" for all its broadband customers both on cable and non-cable networks.

Web users on the most expensive XXL 50Mbps package will get non metered (unlimited) online backup storage with 1200 free photo prints over a year. Customers on XL and L will get 10GB storage and 5GB storage as well as 300 and 600 photo prints respectively.

The free photo prints offer will be available only for the first year. Users will get free auto-backup and remote access as well as album creation and sharing features. Those interested will notice on their "My Virgin Media" page, the presence of a new customer control centre which will guide novice users.

It is unlikely that V Stuff will be compatible with Mac or Linux platform. Virgin already provides its broadband customers with a free PC guard internet security package.

Broadband packages at Virgin Media start from as little as £14 per month on the L package all the way up to £46 per month for the XXL version. Customers can also add £5 per month for a 1GB mobile broadband package.

In related news. Virgin Mobile has also debuted a £20 mobile phone bundle that offers a high end mobile phone (Nokia 6220, Nokia E63, Samsung Clasico or Sony Ericsson W595) with 400 minutes, unlimited texts, free voicemail and itemised bill as well as six months free instant messaging and mobile internet.

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Our Comments

Virgin Media is making the right steps after having been criticised by the ASA for false allegations. It is extremely interesting to see that Virgin Media has finally caught up with many of its competitors which are already offering similar services for free. However, these services will be available both to new and existing customers, a hint that customer retention could play a bigger role in Virgin Media's strategy.

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