500 UK Jobs At Risk As T-Mobile Relocates Call Centre

As many as 500 Scottish call centre jobs could be axed after the mobile phone giant T-Mobile declared its plans to shift call centre jobs to the Philippines.

Telecom Service Centres (TSC), the company which offers call centres services to T-Mobile, asserted that around 300 employees at a call centre in Lambert, near Falkirk, as well as hundreds of job losses at the call centres in Greenock and Yorkshire are threatened.

A spokesperson for TSC asserted that the company has already kicked off a 90-day consultation period with its staff.

Citing the impacts of such shifting of call centre jobs, TSC said in a statement, “One of our clients has decided that certain services we currently perform for them will be moved to an offshore supplier. Sadly, that puts at risk a number of jobs in our Falkirk site - hence the beginning of the consultation period”.

On the other hand, the mobile phone company confirmed that plans are in progress to transfer the operations from TSC to its new centre, referred to as T-Mobile Dela Rosa, in Manila, in the Philippines.

However, T-Mobile declined to comment on the probable impacts of such transfer of services, and maintained that the company is in discussions with TSC so as to “mitigate and minimise the impact of this decision”.

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Our Comments

Business is king as some would say. T-Mobile has to listen to its shareholders and follow the trail of cheaper labour if it wants to save money and increase its profits. Still, 500 jobs also means 500 families and potentially thousands of people whose life will all of a sudden be less secure.

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