More Drivers Use Twitter While On the Road

Soaring addiction to social networking platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, is prompting motorists to breach traffic rules and eventually putting their lives at risks, a recent study revealed.

The new study, conducted by the British insurance firm Esure, included 1,000 motorists across UK, notified that as many as 9 percent of motorists in UK are logging on to social networking websites while driving and thereby flaunt with life-threatening dangers.

Quoting the same, one motorist updated the Twitter page to say, “I'm driving with my knees and peeling and orange...probably not the safest thing to do”.

The survey showed that while 92 percent of the motorists surveyed knew it was illegal to use mobile phones while driving, 45 percent of them overtly admitted to breaching the rules by texting and making calls behind the wheel.

In addition, more than one-third of the motorists surveyed find it difficult to ignore mobile alerts while driving, whereas one-fifth of the respondents search through their pockets, handbags, or glove box to find out their mobile handset while driving.

Only 19 percent of the respondents asserted that they turn off their hand-held devices while driving. The insurance company advised motorists to completely turn off their all mobile technology and stay focused on the road while driving.

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Our Comments

This is a worrying phenomenon. A quick search on Twitter using the keywords driving and twittering reveals some interesting stories. This also shows to some extent that Twitter is now firmly entrenched in the lives of many as a primary means of communication.

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